Common Queries, of Yoga Teacher Training Course India

The 300-Hour yoga teacher training course module is the intermediate level of yoga courses provided by the AYM School of Yoga. The students enrolling for this course shall learn the physical, theoretical as well as spiritual implications of yoga along with meditation. The yoga asanas taught by our experienced teachers include both modern as well as a traditional form of yoga.

When in AYM, you will learn various styles of yoga asanas such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, Flow, Power, Hot yoga, Sivananda yoga, Restorative Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Hatha Vinyasa, along with Vinyasa flow yoga. The course shall also include aspects such as meditation, pranayama, and similar methodologies.

Each style taught to the student shall be discussed thoroughly to ensure the students are perfectly capable of performing the asanas with ease. The module also includes an understanding of numerous diseases along with their cure through the application of yoga.

The food provided at our yoga centers is 100 percent vegetarian with herbal properties as well. Our yoga school follows a sattvic lifestyle which means no non-vegetarian food is allowed to the students inside the campus or even outside during the duration of the course. Students are provided herbal tea in the morning as well as in the evening along with light snacks that consist of fruits that are highly nutritious.

As you consume this well-balanced Ayurvedic food, your body removes all the toxins accumulated in the body resulting into a detoxified body. Our yoga center strongly condemns the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or any intoxicating elements. The Ayurvedic food also treats you from inside because what you eat reflects in your health. You also have the option to choose from a vegan meal or vegetarian one.

The concept behind the best time to practice yoga differs according to personal preference. Some love to do it in the morning and some in the evening. However, if you take the biological clock of a human being into account, the best time to do yoga is early in the morning as the sun starts to rise.

Yogis believe this is the time when your body is just up from rest and has the full capacity to embrace the benefits associated with yoga. Yoga helps you start your day with a well-balanced mind and strong body to endure the hardships lined up for you. However, the busy schedule of today’s generation makes it hard to find time in the morning for yoga while you are rushing to reach your office.

Yoga done at any time of the day is beneficial to the body. So you can do it whenever you have a short window of time like before a deciding meeting which calms you down to enable optimum performance or before sleep to help in a good sleep cycle. However, the best time to do yoga is early in the morning or during the sunset.

Yoga isn’t just an ancient art with spiritual benefits but physical benefits as well. As stated in ancient scriptures, our physical health is connected to our spiritual self via the chakras residing in the body. A properly balanced chakra is equal to sound health while even a slight disturbance in the chakra can alter our emotional as well as physical stability.

With yoga, you get an all-round fitness, stress relief, weight loss, inner peace, improved immunity, better relationships with emotional balance, a sense of awareness, increased in-flow of energy, flexibility along with posture correction, and last but not the least better intuition.

When you practice yoga on a regular basis, you get a beautiful, radiant skin, peaceful mind, and great health. All your body functions perform in harmony when you practice yoga. Yoga also helps in bringing down the symptoms of diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, back pain, muscle pain and so on.

Airport pickup for students registering for the yoga teacher training is not included with the course fees. However, one can opt for the pickup option from the Delhi Airport with the payment of an extra 80 USD along with the course fee. Students can also use the local transportation option to reach the school. The students who require airport pick up must mention the same in the application form so that we can prepare in advance for the same.