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Yoga Teacher Rishikesh

Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji

Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji born in a Vedic family, a family in which all the members used to chant Vedic mantras and practice yoga daily. In childhood, he was greatly influenced by his father and brother who taught yoga to him in beginning and later he learned yoga asana with Yogi Balmukund Ji, pranayama with Swami Vijayanada Ji, philosophy from Swami Sivananda Ji Maharaj, Swami Dayananda Ji and Osho Ji and Samadhi with Swami Chinmayananda Ji and Piolet Baba Ji.In the year 1984 he became the champion of yoga sports in Haryana Province while studying in the school.

After finishing school education he went for study in college in a bio-science stream with yoga as optional subject and also the master of education which gives him an upper hand while teaching and explaining yoga anatomy and physiology and teaching methodology. He was continuous yoga sports champion for five years in college and won all India inter-university yoga championship, during this period he met many famous yogis and learned different styles of yoga. In 2000 he became the part of National Institute for Yoga and did one-year diploma in yoga along with yoga therapy and was deputed to Germany by Government of India to teach yoga after it.

He finished his Master of Science degree in yoga in 2003 and engaged in imparting yoga teachers training and visited China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia to spread knowledge and education of yoga.

After imparting yoga teachers training in Japan he went to the Himalayas with his spiritual Teacher Swami Tanmayananda and did spiritual practice and awaken the kundalini power and learned a thousand types of breathing and meditation techniques. He is very famous for his workshops on ashtanga yoga and pranayama in South Korea and in Malaysia while teaching at True yoga. He was the yoga faculty in Choone College in yoga department in South Korea.

In 2005 he became the founder secretary of Association for Yoga and Meditation, India and imparting yoga teachers training under this organization.

Alpesh Patwari

Alpesh began rehearsing yoga 22 years back to manage wellbeing challenges. He was hit with Epilepsy at 12 years old and in spite of western pharmaceutical needed to adapt to gloom, memory misfortune, and trembling. In the wake of vanquishing his sicknesses with the assistance of yoga, he prepared as a yoga educator and began Alpesh Yoga. Today, he is a standout amongst the most perceived yoga educators and teachers in Goa and Dharamshala, India.

Yoga Teacher Rishikesh
Yoga Teacher Rishikesh

Jadumani Singh

Jadumani is a previous school instructor and devoted yoga expert who has been showing yoga life systems, rationality and pranayama at top yoga schools and preparing foundations of India for a long time now. He has been seeking after the specialty of yoga as wellbeing and profound practice with both logical and aesthetic energy. He has been related with our yoga educator preparing centerin Goa, India for a long time now.