Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Visiting the yoga retreat in Rishikesh will help you in gaining knowledge about how to relax your body, mind, and spirit altogether and create a connection with your higher self and nature. In the beautiful and exotic place of Rishikesh, India, our schools provide you with the best facilities and scope to go on a yoga retreat along with its residential courses. The retreat that you will go for is seven days which is a great journey to get a transformed you!

The aim of the yoga retreat is not limited to have practice session of yoga but to encompass a better way of living by elevating body, mind, and spirit altogether. These 7 days yoga retreat in Rishikesh will provide your mind with the ultimate peace that is not possible to attain in the busy a hectic schedule that you have in your everyday life. Learning sun salutations and vinyasa yoga practices as part of your daily life will bring utmost happiness and serenity to your life which will help you in gaining back your momentum from within.

Course Information

Retreat Dates

You can choose any date from 16th to 2nd for 1 week & 2 week yoga retreat

Course Date Fee Status Apply
3 Jan - 10 Jan 350 USD (per week) Open Apply
7 Feb - 10 Feb 350 USD (per week) Open Apply
7 Mar - 10 Mar 350 USD (per week) Open Apply
7 Apr - 10 Apr 350 USD (per week) Open Apply
7 May - 10 May 350 USD (per week) Open Apply

Included and not included in Fee

The yoga retreat and training sessions that are provided by AYM Yoga School includes the accommodation facilities and food. The accommodation that is providing here is completely in orientation with the natural scenic beauty and undisturbed by the external disturbances of the physical realm. The rooms that are provided for the accommodation are completely peaceful and serene in an ambiance which uplifts the mood.



  • Inclusion of lodging and renting of rooms.
  • Inclusion of bedding charges, electric and water charges.


  • Inclusion of charges regarding daily meals encompassing breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and teas.
  • Inclusion of herbal tea.
  • Inclusion of food that is completely vegan, vegetarian and sattvic.

Not included:

  • Airport Pickup
  • Local Transportation

Yoga Retreat in Dharamsala

Yoga retreat in Dharamsala will enhance your true self and bring you to a level of tranquility within yourself in the midst of beautiful scenic beauty. You will find yourself gaining mastery over the yoga practices as well as transforming yourself into a completely new and better person. You will be able to live a life with the most beautiful experience that you could gift to yourself in the natural scenery of Dharamsala which is one of the yoga retreats in India.

With the highly experienced team of yoga trainers and spiritual guides, the retreat that you will have here will be one of the best yoga retreats in India. You will be taught to live and experience each breathes that you take which will fill your body and soul with heightened energy that you might have never experienced before.

By learning to focus on the breathing pattern, you will be brought to a very deep and powerful state of meditation and relaxation which will further provide you with greater benefits of health and mind. There are many teachers in Dharamsala who are highly qualified and experienced in the field of yoga that will assist you in having the best experience. You will be provided with a dedicated team of yoga teachers who have different styles and make efforts in providing the best experience of yoga retreat to the participants.

Course Information

Retreat Dates

You can choose any date from 4th to 22nd for 1 week & 2 week yoga retreats in india

Course Date 1 week yoga retreat 2 week yoga retreat Status Apply
4th Apr - 22nd Apr 350 USD 700 USD Open Apply
4th May - 22nd May 350 USD 700 USD Open Apply
4th June - 22nd June 350 USD 700 USD Open Apply
4th July - 22nd July 350 USD 700 USD Open Apply
4th Aug - 22nd Aug 350 USD 700 USD Open Apply

Accommodation and Food Details

The details about the facilities about the accommodation and food that you avail with us are provided below:

  • The accommodation that you receive here is very peaceful and simple which makes you closer to the yogic lifestyle.
  • You shall be provided with proper bedding, bed sheets, and pillows.
  • You shall avail 24/7 water supply and electricity in the rooms.
  • Students can avail for single rooms or shared rooms.


  • The food that you shall get is vegetarian, vegan and satvik kind.
  • Members get herbal and green tea.

About Retreat Programs

Going on a yoga retreat is a great opportunity for you as you can be in one of the best places on the planet with the most amazing time for yourself which is very hard to get in this hectic and stressful busy life. You can select for the 15 days yoga retreat in Dharamsala program which will be a life-changing experience for you. Here, you can select to participate in community classes or choose to be in any private mediation sessions.

You can have the privileged of having vegan meals; enjoy spa treatments, room service according to your wallet. This will prove to be great yoga holidays for both you and your family, or for you as an individual only. The customer service that you will be getting here is of high quality and in a very traditional form. The retreat program will bring out the best in you with a complete transformation in your entire persona.