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Association of yoga and meditation is a nonprofit, governmental yogic organization committed to sustaining the ecstasy and tranquility of humanity. This nonprofit organization is dedicated towards the well being of humankind through yogic knowledge and allows us to be in harmony among all being.

AYM Yoga School
"Yoga is sangati (harmony)"

Spiritual master Yogi Chetan Mahesh had this vision of bringing this harmony around the globe with traditional ancient experiential yogic techniques evolving from human being to divine being.

In 2005 association of yoga and meditation was established with the approach of divinity toward serving the mankind. Sacred Guru (teachers), Professionals, staff, has put their efforts and commitments for the organization to protract.

since 13 years of existence of Indian yogi's who had this revelation and dedication to serving the human mankind with principles of yogic practices and preserve this tradition in a disciplined practice to pursue the vision.


Association of yoga and meditation established on the principles of traditional wisdom merging with the modern outlook to channel towards the fulfillment of the self which complements the values of peace, happiness, bliss, purity, non-violence, celibacy, austerity, serving selfless, contemplating on the absolute.

Training the students with best professionals around the globe and giving them the perfect place to contemplate on the teachings on a suitable background where learning happens at ease to make them highly trained in the same characteristic and spread the awareness and outcome after implementation of the training.

Making one certified in right yogic wisdom so the artificial views or diluted method is not spreading, which will help the humanity. The dream is to evolve the student into an exceptional trainer toward themselves and approaching the humanity, culture, society, science, art, in the maximal way to attain paramount of mankind. To bridge the gap between body mind and breathe.

The mission is to remove the woozy effects existing in the being with the tool of yogic understandings and shapes the self-extra shiner, brighter, lighter. Extracting the impurities present in body, mind, and breath and aligning all to be union. Present modern lifestyle has caused the imbalance within nature and shaped these impurities in them and through traditional yogic wisdom, our mission is to make the self and surroundings, euphoric, blooming healthy, safe, and making into union with all.

Association of yoga and meditation is established on classical tradition of teaching yoga which includes the several aspects of asana, pranayama, meditation, stress management, wellness & wellbeing, detoxification therapy. We invite all the humanity to come together for this initiation of spreading the message of integration among all where the authentic importance of yoga would be living in simplicity minimalistic holistic life.

Association of yoga and meditation brings out the excellence of humankind, in personal, professional, social, spiritual aligned through the path of raja yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and traditional Hatha yoga


Association of yoga and meditation aims to spread the awareness of yoga efficiently among the world by incorporating the understanding of yoga into academics, creating yoga schools, yoga studios, yoga study centers, spiritual communities, research in yoga, and yoga as therapy.

Our key objective

  1. 1. A better place for learning and proving the best facilities and infrastructure
  2. 2. Highly skilled and experienced yogic professionals.
  3. 3. To enable the student to have better health.
  4. 4. To improve them.
  5. 5. Attain a higher level of consciousness.