500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa


The 500 hours yoga training in goa is a structured process that has been designed to reinforce and advance the basic learning of the yoga practice. These are instructed in the teaching methodology that helps to enhance your knowledge regarding the asana, Pranayama as well as in case of the dhyana. The classes that are constructed in this 500 hours yoga cousre will ensure that one will achieve the better stability in the meditation, flexibility in the physical postures and control over the breathing techniques.

The sessions will provide you a new step forward towards a secure lifestyle, and you can improve your skills more and more. The yoga trainers who have always dreamed up becoming a successful teacher in their life can adopt this 500 hour yoga training goa session to enhance their knowledge as well as to fulfil the needs in a well-defined manner.

The depth of the study and practice will undoubtedly open up new opportunities for you, and you will be able to identify where you are standing and what more you need to learn. You will be taught to determine the capacity and the body types of the individuals which will help you in the long run.

Features of 500 hour Yoga teacher training in Goa

  • The 500-hour yoga training will deepen your understanding of teaching postures in a well-defined and sophisticated manner. The sessions will bring out the real facts about the life along with the causes which can be resolved by these courses. The yoga teachers are learning the basic of everything which is not at all satisfactory and will never support you in the long run. The demands of people are increasing with the pace of time, so they learn more versions of yoga with dedication and purity. Therefore, the 500 hours yoga will enhance your knowledge as well as experience to find out the new ways to learn the advanced forms and postures.
  • Through the 500 hours yoga, one can experience a range of transformations teaching methodologies, ways, methods, and approaches to maintain the sequence of learning and designing of classes, which are based on various issues and will resolve certain things from life as well.
  • The 500 hours yoga in Goa helps to acquire more profound knowledge regarding the meditation, Pranayama, anatomy as well as philosophy. The session will help you to understand the better versions of the postures and forms as these are necessary to learn to become a good teacher and explore your knowledge to the people. The classes are designed in particular sessions which will enhance your skills and will inevitably brush up the techniques, vocabulary, and postures. Deepening of the yoga practice will also increase your knowledge on a daily basis. The flow will be maintained throughout the life, and the advanced versions of the yoga will ensure balance life and no backlogs in life.
  • Gaining the skills in the 500 hours yoga in Goa will increase your experience at various levels as a yoga teacher and will add extra benefits to your account which will be helpful for you in the future. It will enhance the credibility as well as the visibility in a single process.

Course Overview

  • Yogic discussions
  • Hatha yoga workshops
  • Guided meditation sessions
  • Deep pranayama
  • Breath work
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Anatomy Classes

Daily Schedule - Yoga TTC in Goa at AYM

  • 07:00 - Pranayama and meditation practice.
  • 08:30 - Hatha Yoga Class including asana practice forward bending , back bending and more.
  • 10:30 – Breakfast.
  • 11:00 – Yoga Philosophy or Anatomy class.
  • 12:00 – Class on the art of teaching with experienced yoga practitioners.
  • 13:00 – Lunch , rest and personal study time.
  • 15:00 – Lecture anatomy or philosophy class.
  • 16:30 – Hatha Yoga Class (Iyengar Style) including practice of multiple asanas.
  • 18:30 – Evening breathing meditation sessions.
  • 20:00 – Dinner and free time.
  • 22:00 – Early bedtime after successful day of 500 hours YTT course.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa Dates 2022-23

05th December to 02nd January 2023 2699 USD 2799 USD Open Apply
05th January to 02nd March 2023 2699 USD 2799 USD Open Apply
05th February to 31st March 2021 2699 USD 2799 USD Open Apply
05th March to 30th April 2021 2699 USD 2799 USD Open Apply
05th April to 31st May 2021 2699 USD 2799 USD Open Apply
05th May to 30th June 2023 2699 USD 2799 USD Open Apply
05th June to 31st July 2023 2699 USD 2799 USD Open Apply
05th July to 31st August 2023 2699 USD 2799 USD Open Apply

Accommodation and Food Details

  1. Private room
  2. 3 healthy vegetarian meals on weekdays

How to Enroll Yoga Course in India

To apply - Fill the registration form and send along with 420 USD through pay pal or bank transfer or any other way to AYM Yoga School. We will send you confirmation for the course. Apply for a tourist visa, which is easy to get, and you can participate in yoga TTC in Goa for one or two months.